Javier Garrido Gómez

Masters in Graphic Design Techniques. Academia Kucenter de Madrid. Spain 2009.
Bachelor with Honours in Advertising and Public Relations. University of Sevilla 2002-07.
Leonardo Scholarship in Italy 2008.

Graphic Design Programmes. Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, QuarkXpress.
Operating Systems. Microsoft Windows (OS) Mac OS X.

Digital photography treatment.

Illustration and design for cover and content for a children's book: Sam & Jam Space Explorers written by Mike Fellows. To be published in 2010.

Worked on an animation project for Animate & Create with Steve Allen Studios in Canterbury and concept ideas with members of the Magic Circle London. March-April 2010.

Creating brand logos and concept designs for both private companies and public associations. Please see my portfolio for a collection of my work.

Head campaign designer and creative: I organized and advertised the First Red Wine Event in the county of Cádiz. El Puerto de Santa María, Spain. January-February 2010.

Claim Communication. Florence, Italy 2008. Graphic Design Intership.
This helped to improve my knowledge of illustration skills and provided me with the possibility to work along side the Art Director, with whom I learnt about the functions and responsibilities that the job entails.
Amongst other tasks, I had the responsibility to design product packaging using my photography skills.

Tusitala Comunicacion. Puerto de Santa María, Spain 2007-08. Graphic designer and Creative Planning.
Here my greatest challenge was to take control of many responsibilities and work with few resources at my disposal. Through this experience, my organisational skills as well as client care were significantly developed.

Nacher Publicidad. Galicia, Spain 2007. Graphic and Creative Designing.
Thanks to the small size of this company, I had the chance to work in a variety of tasks with highly experienced professionals. This helped greatly in improving my skills as a graphic designer.

CAI Art Gallery. Puerto de Santa María, Spain. Public Relations Department.

Additionally, I participated as an extra in the film Manolete directed by Menno Meyjes in 2008.

Native - Spanish.
Advance - English and Italian.
Basic - French.
TOEFL Certificate.

For references contact - steveallenstudios@hotmail.co.uk